Thursday, 9 July 2015

Let's give this another go!

I've always loved the idea of blogging as a way to fill my time, but somehow I've never got past the first post. I'm determined to give this another go whilst I'm at home over summer and have plenty of spare time.

I thought I'd start with a few posts of some things I've bought recently, since that's something easy to write about!

Yesterday I popped out shopping with my mum. I actually really like going shopping with my mum, as we're both pretty quick in shops - I don't like to linger! It's also good as she gives me honest opinions and picks out things I'd never look at alone (sometimes good, sometimes not so good!). I first went to Superdrug where I picked up a nail polish that mum and I had seen and liked a few days before:
The colour is 30. Ice Queen and it was £2.99. It's a really delicate shimmer, with very fine glitter which seems to me to sparkle pink, green and silver. See below for a photo of it on my nails too! It's a lovely colour and I think it'll make a really nice top coat.

Next I went in to Accessorize as I wanted a few new necklaces and saw they had a sale online. They didn't have most of the ones I'd seen online unfortunately but I did pick out two:
The first was a silver chain with little red triangles attached to it and was £5 in the sale. It's actually quite long, for a pendant necklace. I'm planning on wearing it to work with a plain black shirt - I work in a pub and like to go plain and smart with my clothes and then add a bit of personality with a necklace! 
The second necklace was £7.50 in the sale and is a chunky snake necklace with gold balls, white balls and pastel blue and purple balls. They had this in two other colour schemes I think, although I can't remember the colours off the top of my head. I chose this one as I liked the pastel colours most. I wore this today with an light, open neck white shirt and was really happy with how it looks on. 
Finally, I bought some earrings from Accessorize too: 
These came in a pack of three for £4. Since I've got a few gold necklaces now and wanted some new gold earrings to wear with them. I went with these as they're simple shapes and will go easily with the different necklaces I have. In the top photo you can also see my new nail polish on! 

The last place I went was Claire's accessories - which felt a bit strange to go into age 22. I wanted to get some replacement belly bar balls as I'm always loosing them, particularly when I wear high waisted things! They didn't have any plain silver ones, but I decided to buy a pack of new bars instead. I've got a bar with a gem on already, but the bottom one is huge and looks a bit tacky. I found these with small gems, both top and bottom which I thought were much more subtle: 
There's one missing which has teal gems as I'm wearing it now:
They're perhaps a bit long for my piercing, but I like them all the same. 

So that's everything I bought the other day. All a bit random but I'm happy with it all. 

I have an order from Boohoo coming in a few days that I may blog about if I'm happy with what I got. Until then! 
Jennie x

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