Friday, 12 July 2013

Germany + exam results!

After a bit of a weird and poorly organised start Germany has actually turned out to be quite good. The lab I'm working in is working on isolating new transcription factor binding sites within plant pathogen response genes so it's all pretty interesting and I'm learning lots about how research labs actually work.
The town is pretty, but is a little bit boring now I've been here for 3 weeks since there isn't a lot to do.
So far I've also ventured to Hannover (to the zoo and the shops) and also to Goslar, which is a nice small historic town near Braunschweig.
Pictures from Hannover


Pictures from Goslar.

This weekend I'm off to Berlin which should be really good!

I also got my exam results today! Ended up doing so so so much better than I expected and finished second year with a 2:1 at 67.5% average. After a bit of a rough time last year and some less than proud moments I'm actually so happy that I chose Bath and really really proud of how I've done. Roll on placement in September!

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