Friday, 14 June 2013

First post!


So writing a blog is a little weird for me, but here goes.
I'm now on my "summer holidays" away from uni and am soon off to Germany for 6 weeks so I thought I would start writing this for people to have a look at what I'm up to. I guess it will be mainly about what I'm taking out there, what I'm doing and how I'm getting on.

I'm quite nervous about going away for so long to Germany. I did learn the language as a child, but stopped over 4 years ago - wow that makes me feel old! Hopefully it should be nice and exciting though, and I am looking forward to learning a bit more German. What's worrying me most is getting around the airport on my own! I have been to Heathrow before, but it isn't really the part of the holiday that you remember is it? Haha, oh well I'm sure I'll get there! I bloody better after all that it's cost me. It is exciting to be flying again though, I love going on planes and I'm going with BA so it should be nice and comfortable.

Until next time,
Jennie x

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